How to Test your Batteries (AA or AAA batteries) using a Multimeter – by geoffmobile

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Old batteries sitting around? Want to test old batteries to see if they have any charge left? Geoff from geoffmobile.com shows how to accurately measure how much voltage a battery has remaining, using an inexpensive Multimeter

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Save the planet! Please don’t throw away your old batteries. Instead, take them to your local store that offers battery recycling. In Vancouver Canada, the following locations offer battery recycling (thanks to Woggyflush):

The following Vancouver locations will take your used batteries for recycling:
• Vancouver Batteries: 2192 West Broadway
• London Drugs: Most Locations
• Leos Camera Supply: 1055 Granville Street
• Mountain Co-Op Equipment: 130 West Broadway
• WCS Recycling: 1493 Dominion Street
• Ikea: Coquitlam and Richmond

The multimeter shown in this video was purchased from The Source. It is a “NEXXTECH 19-RANGE ANALOG METER”. It does not require a battery inside to operate the multimeter. When buying a multimeter, make sure to buy one that does not require a battery to operate.

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4 Responses to “How to Test your Batteries (AA or AAA batteries) using a Multimeter – by geoffmobile”

  1. Time to collect all the old batteries and testing them out… thanks for this tutorial Geoff.

  2. Geoff Peters says:

    @David any multimeter will do. But avoid a millimeter which requires its own batteries since it doesn’t make sense to have to use batteries to test batteries!

  3. David Perry says:

    Thank you for this video guide. Do you think the quality of the multimeter used matter that much, or any inexpensive multimeter will do?

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