Help! Which films should I see at VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) 2011

Here’s a cry for help :) Please let me know which films you recommend that I see at 2011 VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival). Leave a comment or a video response if you like! (scroll down for comments) Thanks so much!!!

Festival guide:


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8 thoughts on “Help! Which films should I see at VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) 2011

  1. Alex

    ‎’dragons and tigers winner’ this will be the winning film from Dragons and Tigers, should be good. The Girls in the Band – (jazz). The Interview, Michel Petrucciani. Rolf Harris Paints His Dream, we ate the children last, the coconut, oliver bump’s birthday, bike race, advanced cybernetics, death of johnny forceps, SUSHI!!!!, and We Can’t Go Home Again.

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks Alex!

    Starbuck looks cool:

    Andrew Bird – Fever Year: seems interesting!!

    The Artist:

    Also this film looks cool (being a jazz musician):

    Michel Petrucciani

  3. Alex

    going throught the guide: Andrew Bird: Fever Year ; Canadian Images short films (you get to see the filmmakers in the crowd) ; The Artist; Cinema of our Time (more shorts – want to see Bike Race) ; ‘

  4. Alex

    One year I had a VIP pass (not worth the bucks). I found that the Granville theatre had huge lineups. My tip is that you could pick up tickets at lunchtime, then see the show later that night. The paper guide is worth the expense. The Gala is a fun party and worth seeing once. The VISA gold tickets would be worth it – they treat the Visa Gold people better than the higher paying ‘VIP’ tickets. so, totally get a Gala ticket and check out the party. If I were to pick a Gala show, I’d go with Starbuck. I also liked the short films.. you see a bunch of short films in the time it takes to see a movie, so you’re guaranteed to see something good.

  5. Caitlin

    My friend most wants to see:

    The Turin Horse

    because he likes the director and has heard good things about the film, but warns that most people would find it interminably long and boring. I think I’d like to see it, though, after reading the description.

    Others he thinks are interesting:

    We Can’t Go Home Again – 2011 Vancouver International Film Festival

    Le Havre

    Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

  6. Caitlin

    Ooo, didn’t realize VIFF was coming up! I’m totally going to ask my film buff friend for some recommendations and let you know. Thanks for letting me know that it was coming up!

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