Digital Media’s effect on combining the traditional creative roles and professions – by geoffmobile

Geoff from – a video blog.

Discussed in this video:
-With the end result of most creative work these days being digital information, whether it’s video, photography, artwork files, or digital music recordings, maybe we can start eliminating the traditional “categories” of media creation such as the roles of musician, videographer, photographer, artist, etc, and allow creative people to move fluidly between mediums depending on what best suits the work they are creating. This is a major shift in our thinking about the once very separate roles of different types of media expression.

I also do a humorous aside on my new glasses (they never ever require cleaning, do not reflect light or glare, and are very light to wear) – I tell you about my secret glasses experiment and how it is going!

I was inspired to do this blog (vlog?) after listening to Damian Kulash interviewed in the following video:

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