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I love bread – a poem (written by AI)

I love bread – a poem Bread That word makes me happy But why? The reason I don’t mind Saying. A word That makes me joyful Because now I understand It is true We are all made Differently So some might Say… Bread is my religion Because… I will love, honor Dare we say worship […]

Getting Things Done – a poem written by AI

Getting Things Done – a poem Get the things done that you’re supposedTo, but you never really get around to.You’d makebetter time if there weren’tToadstools to wade through,Puddles to splash in,Dead endsYou feelYourself stumbling intoIn the most amazing of ways –Faces that all but say what you’ve got to say –Them stopping, you standing there […]

Fictional Interview with Dr. Sandra J. Hawthorne on the topic of Ethical Leadership — Generated by AI

This text was generated entirely using Artificial Intelligence (GPT-NeoX 20B) and the names and titles mentioned are entirely fictional. This is an excerpt from an interview between sociologist Qiuning Wang and a distinguished professor of business, Dr. Sandra J. Hawthorne, from Harvard Business School. Interviewer: Good afternoon Dr. Hawthorne, and thank you for joining us. Today’s […]