Bistro Sakana Japanese Restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver BC Canada

Geoff from visits Bistro Sakana Japanese restaurant in Vancouver BC Canada for a delicious lunch.

Bistro Sakana
1123 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC Canada
Restaurant phone: 604-633-1280
Restaurant’s web site with menu:

Vancouver is home to very high quality Japanese food, and Bistro Sakana is a notch above the already high average with excellent quality, presentation, and service.
When I said in the video that Bistro Sakana is a “little bit better than average in Vancouver” it is actually saying a lot because the average quality of sushi and Japanese food in Vancouver is already world class and extremely high. Thanks again for the restaurant for providing such excellent food in my neighborhood. I have enjoyed many sunny days relaxing on their patio enjoying the tasty food.

Shown in video:
-Exterior patio of restaurant at lunch time on a sunny day in September.
-Showing the street scene along Mainland Street
-Miso soup (stirring the soup to see the delicious ingredients)
-Mmm miso!
-Lunch Special A
-Side of rice
-Brown rice California roll, mmm.
-Spicy sauce
-Soya sauce container
-Chicken with Teriyaki sauce, lean meat.
-Dipping sauce for Tempura
-prawn tempura and vegetable tempura
-California roll with real crab, avocado, seaweed, and rice on outside with sesame seeds
-Picked ginger (garnish, gari)
-Wasabi (hot Japanese condiment similar to horse radish)
-Sashimi (Raw fish) – Salmon and Tuna

-Showing the interior of the restaurant with the bar area and the Executive Chefs preparing the delicious sushi. The restaurant plays excellent jazz music and sometimes shows Japanese cinema.

Thanks for watching!
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Technical notes:
Camera: Sony Cybershot HX30v, recording in highest quality mode (60p converted to 30p in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 Dell PC (Intel i7 and USB 3.0 for a faster workflow)).

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