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OrganicLives in Vancouver – raw vegan restaurant and food store

I visited OrganicLives (photos, map, web site, 1829 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, phone: 778-588-7777), a gourmet restaurant and food ingredients store with organic raw vegan food. Open every day from 9am to 9pm, OrganicLives is located really close to the Olympic Village near downtown Vancouver, and is a great alternative to the McDonalds down […]

What’s it like being Raw Vegan in Vancouver?

Visit Marcus’s website about raw veganism at Eat Raw Vegan. Marcus blogged about this interview here. Transcript: How’s it going? Ah so, what is it like being a raw vegan in Vancouver? It’s terrific. Especially over the past year, the raw food community in Vancouver has really started growing and expanding and there’s a lot […]

The Ironman triathlon – what’s the best thing about it?

Transcript: Hello. Ok so the question is, what is the best thing about the Ironman Triathlon? Ok. Well first of all, I’ll tell you what the Ironman is. It’s a 4 kilometre swim, a 180 kilometre bike ride, and a 42 kilometre run. Wow. It is considered one of the most extreme sports you can […]